Welcome to INfluENCE

In a pandemic, encouraging members of the public to get vaccinated and use medication appropriately is essential to reduce the frequency and severity of illness.

INfluENCE stands for “Improving National Influenza Engagement and Communication Effectiveness”.

Why INfluENCE? INfluENCE is a project funded by Department of Health’s Policy Research Programme http://www.prp-ccf.org.uk/, which aims to improve communication with the public about antivirals and vaccination during the next pandemic.

How INfluENCE? INfluENCE combines a multidisciplinary team with experts from health psychology, epidemiology, statistics and emergency response in order to understand why during the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic, many people did not seek care quickly enough, were not vaccinated and failed to take a full course of antivirals when given them. INfluENCE will analyse data gathered during the last pandemic to understand behaviour and inform planning for, and practice in, future pandemics.

INfluENCE Goal? To develop evidence-based guidelines for designing and communicating effective messages about vaccines and antivirals to improve uptake and reduce the health impact of the next pandemic.